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UV Germicidal Bacteria and Virus Killing Light

SKU: BT-SL-T8-1-30W-36

UV Germicidal Bacteria and Virus Killing Light



Warranty: 1 Years

Luminous Efficacy: 0

Input Voltage: AC85-265V

Working Temperature: -20-50C

Lifespan: 10,000 Hours

Lamp Body Material PC

IP Rating: IP 44

Certification: CCC, CE, RoHS, CE

UV Lighting
UV Bacteria Killing Light


Light Source: LED

Product Name: T8 UV Bacteria Buster

Function: Sterilization and Disinfection

Power: 30W

Material: Metal Fittings

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UV Lighting
UV Germicidal Bacteria and Virus Killing Light

We designed this Anti-Germicidal LED Bacteria and Virus Killing light to have enough power (30W) to efficiently disinfect a room size up to 20 X 20. We know this will take care of a majority of rooms across the country. This unit will run on 120V AC power. It comes with a 4’ Plug so you can mount it on top of the trim on a door or mount on a ceiling with a clip. It even has adhesive and a magnet for additional mounting options.

Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause burns to your eyes. We suggest that you turn the light on and walk out of the room. Leave on for 15 minutes to get proper disinfection. Enter the room 15-30 minutes after disinfection and turn off the light.

Our light has enough power to do both residential and commercial applications. It has enough power to disinfect the patient compartment of an ambulance, the cab of an ambulance, babies’ room, parents room, kitchen, restaurant overnight disinfection with timer, daycare overnight with timer, nursing homes with timer, universities, weight rooms, kindergarten rooms and more.

Turn On The Blue and Stay Safe